Startup business consulting

Startup & small business consultants

Originally our main consulting area was exclusively focused on radio management (leadership), programming (product / content), business development (money) and promotion - namely marketing. Then came sales consulting on what makes advertisers successful and happy (loyal) - and so increase further the success factor of the consulted company. The media industry is known as one of the most difficult market segment with the toughest, fiercest competition. We are successful in it.

This empowered us to turn our exploited market research knowledge and business experience into a small business development consulting practice where we help startups and small businesses to grow and succeed.

We help your business turn a profit

Startup business consulting practice

It really comes down to finding a consultant that will not only tell you what to do but help you do it as well: you need someone on your team that will help execute your plan into action saving you money, time and aggravation. This is how we act in our consulting practice.

Small business management consultancy

We practice on site coaching: show and teach you how to do the things right while we share your vision, mission, values and passion as a flesh and blood part of your team.

Strategic consulting services, market consulting

Whether it is a startup business or small / medium-size company both types need a good business strategy to follow: we provide support creating your business plan and practically turn it into actions.

Startup marketing research

and market / industry research plus the analyses: we help in researching and writing your marketing plan and ideas that will help to promote your business, we know what have worked and what you'd better to avoid.

We are ready to support Your Business just contact us bravely :)

We wish you a successful new life!
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Radio consultancy mission statement

As a Radio Consultant Network our primary goal is provide high quality programming and media management consulting service to support your organisation - above all. Understandably this is a Club like a shoot: it is impossible to help everyone who's in need so we are serving only a limited number of Clients in the same time; please accept it. Moreover if we work(ed) in a market we won't compete with ourselves: Client has [market] exclusivity. Anyhow read on our Radio Consulting Practice if you feel like or visit our next gen Streaming Analytics oriented service page.

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